DesignAnatomy of a product label
Anatomy of a Product Label

Anatomy of a product label

Your product label needs to include various components to convey essential information to consumers. Here are some key elements that should be on your product labels.

1. Logo / Brand Name

This is how your brand is shown, making it easy for consumers to recognize the product’s origin.

2. Product Name

Clearly states the product’s name, keeping it brief and reflective of the product’s identity.

3. Product Description

Briefly describes key features, informing consumers about the product.

4. Ingredients List

Lists all ingredients, this is crucial for those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

5. Net Weight/Volume

Indicates the quantity or volume of the product for consumer awareness.

6. Barcode

A unique identifier for inventory management and checkout processes.

7. Nutritional Information (if required)

Details the food or beverage product’s nutritional content.

8. Usage Instructions

Provides guidance on how to use the product, especially for cosmetics, medications, or household goods.

9. Warnings/Precautions

Alerts consumers to potential risks or precautions associated with the product.

10. Batch/Expiry Date

Shows manufacturing and expiry dates to ensure proper use within the recommended timeframe.

11. Country of Origin

Specifies where the product was manufactured or produced, essential for import/export compliance.

12. Environmental/Recycling Information

Offers guidance on proper packaging disposal, including recycling symbols or instructions.

13. Contact Information

Displays manufacturer or distributor contact details for consumers seeking information or assistance.

* Keep in mind that specific regulations and requirements may vary depending on the product type and regional laws.